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It has been quite some time since I have posted on the blog! The past holiday season kept me very busy with photography and I also was a little wrapped up in planning my sister-in-law's wedding reception (I'll have to share some of those photos in an upcoming post, it was quite a night!)

I am totally in love with this shirt! I bought it from Screaming Owl. This was a first time purchase for me, I was a little hesitate on how it worked, but I will definitely be purchasing again. The pricing is amazing because it's directly shipped from the manufacturer, but it takes a little longer to get the product. I would say about six weeks. The cost for the shirt and necklace, shipped was only $19. Worth the wait for such an adorable, unique shirt!

Check it

The jeans are another one of my TJMaxx specials for only $12.99. The brand is Free Planet. I just love the little embellishments on the back they come in my size?!?

The UGGs are from her Tia and we are actually lucky enough to be wearing them for two winter seasons. As you can tell, they have little wear for two seasons. Well, I'm sure that's because Florida is only cold for about a week out of the year!

I hope you enjoyed this post...promise it won't be another 3 months for the next one :)

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